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Cashew Cheese Salmonella Outbreak

At least 15 people in California and other states fell ill with Salmonella infections after eating cashew cheese products manufactured by The Cultured Chicken in late 2013, according to a press release issued by the California Department of Public Health. Twelve of the Salmonella cases were reported in California; 3 Salmonella victims were hospitalized due to the severity of their illnesses.

The Cultured Kitchen, producer of the cashew cheese products, recalled all flavors of Cashew Cheese with expiration dates on or before April 19, 2014, due to risk of Salmonella contamination, on December 31, 2013. The cashew cheese products were sold in 8-oz. plastic containers at natural food stores throughout Northern California and Northern Nevada, and at farmers markets in Sacramento County.

Flavors being recalled include herb, smoked cheddar, pepper jack, habanero cilantro lime, basil pesto and white cheddar. Consumers should check their refrigerators for recalled products.

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