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Del Monte Cantaloupe Salmonella Outbreak

Public health officials determined Del Monte brand cantaloupes were the cause of at least 13 confirmed Salmonella serotype Panama outbreaks in Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, and Maryland in the early months of 2011.

A recall was issued by Del Monte for nearly 60,000 cantaloupes that were grown and shipped from the Del Monte Fresh farm Asuncion Mita in Guatemala and then sold in three-packs at Costco stores in Alaska, California, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, and Washington.

This marked he third Salmonella recall for Del Monte brand cantaloupes since 2009. In October 2009, the California State Department of Public Health determined a presence of Salmonella and 1,120 cartons were recalled. In 2010 during routine testing, the Michigan Department of Agriculture found Salmonella on Del Monte cantaloupes and 81 cartons were recalled. In both of these instances, no illnesses were ever reported.

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