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Los Dos Amigos Salmonella Outbreak

In April of 2010, the Douglas County Health Department in Oregon noticed an uptick in reported Salmonella positive test results. County officials interviewed Salmonella case-patients and quickly learned that all had a common exposure – the Los Dos Amigos restaurant in downtown Roseburg, Oregon.

State and local public health investigators counted 38 culture-confirmed cases of Salmonella serotype Enteritidis and an additional 35 case-patients who were not laboratory confirmed ill with Salmonella, but who were epidemiologically linked to the Los Dos Amigos Salmonella outbreak.

Of the genetically indistinguishable culture-confirmed cases, two were employees of the Los Dos Amigos restaurant. One of the employees admitted to working while ill with diarrhea, a symptom of Salmonella infection.

Several foods served at Los Dos Amigos were statistically associated with Salmonella illness, including guacamole, cilantro and green onions, but no food item could be singled out as the likely source of the Salmonella outbreak among restaurant patrons.

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