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DHEC Investigating 40 Cases of Food Poisoning

The State

May 23, 2005

(Camden) - According to the S.C. Department of Health & Environmental Control, 40 people have now been treated for food poisoning since Saturday in Kershaw County. Of those 40, preliminary results show four of the cases as salmonella.

News19 has also learned of one death over the weekend, although Kershaw County Coroner Johnny Fellers cannot yet say if the death is connected to the illness outbreak. The coroner says that person, a man in his 50's, died sometime late Saturday or early Sunday. Fellers says the man was never treated at the hospital although some of the man's family members were treated for possible food poisoning symptoms.

At least 27 people sought treatment in the emergency room at Kershaw County Medical Center. The hospital's CEO, Donnie Weeks, says several other people

came to the hospital after referrals from private physicians. In all, ten

people were admitted to the hospital. One person has since been released. Providence Northeast in Richland County also treated two patients.

A nursing supervisor in Kershaw County told News19 on Sunday night that all of the patients had similar symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

A DHEC official says the investigation centers around "Old South," a

restaurant in Camden.

DHEC has set up a phone bank to answer questions from anyone who may have become sick after eating at the restaurant. The numbers to call are:





More on this outbreak: Old South Restaurant Salmonella Outbreak

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