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Man sues company for salmonella-tainted sausage


February 12, 2010

A Chicago man filed a lawsuit Thursday against Daniele International following the recall of 1.24 million pounds of sausage products, alleging he fell ill for “almost a month” in November 2009 after coming in contact with Salmonella-tainted pepper used in a salami product.

Raymond Cirimele filed the suit in Cook County Thursday, claiming he regularly purchased the now-recalled salami product at a Cosco in Cook County, according to a statement from the man’s lawyers.

Cirimele is also suing Mincing Overseas Trading Company, which the suit alleges is linked to the salmonella-tainted pepper, the statement said.

An Illinois family field also a lawsuit against Daniele International on Jan. 26 alleging a 3-month-old boy became ill after eating the company’s pepper-coated salami.

On Jan. 24, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Services ordered the recall of 1.24 million pounds of ready-to-eat Italian sausage products made by Daniele International Inc., according to a press release from the Illinois Department of Public Health.

The company voluntarily recalled all products made with black pepper -- mainly salami and other sausage products -- after product testing showed an indirect link to the bacteria, the release said. The black pepper is believed to be the source of contamination.

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