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Marler Clark files lawsuit against Brook-Lea

Attorneys for 70 victims of salmonella poisoning seek punitive damages for country club's 'egregious behavior'

Rochester, NY-Two outbreaks of Salmonella enteritidis at the Brook-Lea Country Club in June and July resulted in 106 culture-confirmed salmonella infections. Marler Clark, the Seattle law firm nationally known for its representation of food borne illness victims, represents 70 victims of the outbreaks in a lawsuit against Brook-Lea that was served today on attorneys for Brook-Lea.

The lawsuit states that Brook-Lea management had a duty to notify health authorities and the public when it found that patrons and employees had become ill with what appeared to be a food borne illness, and failed to do so. It also alleges that management did nothing to discourage or prevent the possibility of further infections among its patrons or staff after it became aware of the apparent outbreaks. Attorneys for the plaintiffs ask that the court award their clients all medical expenses and lost wages related to their illnesses, as well as punitive damages related to Brook-Lea's disregard for the health of its members, guests and employees.

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