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Number of children falling ill due to tainted snack food still rising

Lindsay Martell, All Headline News (NV)

July 15, 2007

Washington, D.C. -- The number of children stricken with salmonella poisoning after eating Veggie Booty is growing, according to the Food and Drug Administration. The snack food - made from organic rice and corn - was taken off store shelves after it was tied to over 60 instances of salmonella, most affecting children under the age of ten.

Six children have been hospitalized since the outbreak began in March. At least eight children in New York City have contracted the bacteria strain, and several more cases have been reported in Pennsylvania. The latter incidences sickened three toddlers, as reported by the Associated Press.

According to the reports, the children who were infected spoke of having headaches, abdominal cramps, bloody diarrhea, and vomiting.

The bacteria is potentially deadly, especially in young children, elderly people and those with compromised immune systems.

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