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Salmonella outbreak here linked to eggs

A salmonella outbreak last month originally traced to Kenosha’s Baker Street Restaurant and Pub has been linked to eggs supplied by the Wright County Egg Co. of Iowa, according to Marler Clark, a Seattle law firm.

The eggs are linked to some 300 illnesses nationwide, and Wright County Egg has been added to the lawsuit filed in Kenosha County on behalf of a Baker Street customer who fell ill after eating a cobb salad containing eggs last month, the statement said. The company has recalled 280 million eggs.

Baker Street’s owner, L&K Tricoli LLC, will remain a plaintiff, said Drew Falkenstein, a Marler Clark attorney. Falkenstein said the firm represented a number of people who had fallen ill in other jurisdictions, and represents five people in Kenosha.

Diane Bosovich, assistant director of nursing for the Kenosha County health Department, said the dpartment has for at least a week suspected that eggs were the source.

“This type of salmonella is one that normally comes from eggs,” she said. “I know they purchased eggs from that company.”

Still there are questions, she said. Not everyone who got sick after eating at Baker Street had eaten eggs, and no single food item was eaten by everyone who became ill.

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