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Seattle Law Firm Obtains $1.4 Million Settlement on Behalf of Salmonella Outbreak Victims

Marler Clark, the Seattle law firm known for its successful representation of persons injured in food-borne illness outbreaks, today announced that it obtained a $1.4 million settlement on behalf of 55 persons who were infected with Salmonella Muenchen after drinking orange juice contaminated with the bacteria. The juice was manufactured by the Arizona-based company, Sun Orchard, Inc.

"This is truly a superior result," said William Marler, a partner at the Marler Clark law firm. "While no amount of money can ever give back the time lost by our clients to this painful disease, or erase their painful memories, we are confident that this settlement will go a long way toward putting our clients' lives back on track." Marler added, "More importantly, this settlement sends a strong message to manufacturers that they will be held accountable for the sale of food contaminated by salmonella."

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