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Second Salmonella lawsuit filed against Chili’s by Marler Clark

Food-Safety Lawyers Renew Call that Chili’s Pay Victims’ Medical Bills.


December 16, 2003

CHICAGO—Seattle food-safety law firm, Marler Clark, today filed a second lawsuit against Brinker Restaurant Corporation, the owner of the Vernon Hills Chili’s restaurant where over 300 people are said to have been injured in a Salmonella outbreak linked to infected food-workers, inadequate hand-washing, and a manager’s decision to open the restaurant despite not having water. The lawsuit was filed in Federal Court on behalf of Kimberly Fields, who became seriously ill, and required hospitalization, after buying and eating to-go food from Chili’s on June 26, the day on which the restaurant opened and operated despite not having hot water.

The lawsuit, which seeks damages of over $75,000, alleges that Fields was injured by Chili’s negligence. Specifically, the lawsuit alleges that Chili’s “failed to adequately monitor the sanitary conditions of its food, drink, water, premises, and employees,…failed to apply its own food safety policies and procedures to ensure the safety and sanitary conditions of its food,…failed to properly train its employees…failed to properly supervise its employees…failed to have or enforce a hand-washing or glove-use policy effective to prevent the transmission of salmonella [and]…failed to design or implement an employee sick-leave policy that would allow, encourage, or cause employees to not work while sick.”

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