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Source of salmonella outbreak found

Indianapolis Star

August 28, 2006

A Wal-Mart deli and bakery have been identified as the source of a recent salmonella outbreak in Greenwood, the Indiana State Health Department reported.

“We believe food handlers who didn’t have any symptoms may have contaminated the deli and bakery products,” Lynae Granzow, a health department epidemiologist, said in a news release.

The store is at 1133 North Emerson in Greenwood.

“This is a rare occurrence, and we are confident that Wal-Mart has properly addressed the situation by moving the employees to another part of the store, and cleaning all the equipment and surfaces,” said Granzow

Food available at the store now is safe, but people who bought ready-to-eat items at that Wal-Mart’s deli and bakery areas before Saturday “should discard those items, or return them to the store for

a refund,” the health department said.

The salmonella outbreak sickened at least two dozen people in the past two months. The bacteria can give people diarrhea and other flulike symptoms.

More on this outbreak: Wal-Mart Salmonella Outbreak (Indiana, 2006)

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