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Two Racine County residents ill from salmonella outbreak linked to Kenosha restaurant

KENOSHA - Two Racine County residents were among those sickened in a salmonella outbreak that prompted a lawsuit against a Kenosha restaurant.

They're among 28 people with confirmed cases of the bacterial infection, said Diane Bosovich, assistant director of nursing for the Kenosha County Division of Health. That includes Tanja Dzinovic, a Pleasant Prairie woman who last week sued the owners of the Baker Street Restaurant & Pub, 6208 Green Bay Road.

The majority of those with confirmed cases of salmonella ate at the restaurant, Bosovich said. No one has been able to trace it back to a particular food item.

Dzinovic is represented by Marler Clark, a law firm that specializes in food poisoning cases. According to the lawsuit, which seeks unspecified damages, Dzinovic ate at Baker Street on June 18, had to go to the hospital for treatment six days later and has dealt with lingering gastrointestinal problems.

Health officials ordered the temporary closure of the restaurant, which has since reopened.

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