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Pints & Quarts and C.F. Prime Muskegon Salmonella Outbreak

Muskegon County, Michigan health officials traced a Salmonella outbreak to food served at Pints & Quarts or C.F. Prime Muskegon, two restaurants that share a kitchen but have separate menus, in October and November of 2013.

According to a final report on the Salmonella outbreak, 31 confirmed Salmonella cases and 31 probable cases were identified among restaurant patrons who fell ill within 72 hours of eating at Pints & Quarts or C.F. Prime Muskegon between October 30 and November 2, 2013. Among the 62 people who fell ill with Salmonella infections, 8 were restaurant employees.

The Muskegon County Health Department investigated the Salmonella outbreak and was unable to determine an exact food-source of the Salmonella outbreak, but did find food safety violations in the kitchen that were later corrected.

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