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Wyndham Anatole Hotel Salmonella Outbreak

In early 2002, the Texas Department of Health (TDH), City of Dallas Department of Environmental Health Services, Dallas County Health and Human Services Department, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) investigated a Salmonella outbreak among attendees at conferences and conventions held at the Wyndham Anatole Hotel in Dallas, Texas. At least 650 people reported becoming ill during the outbreak, and 50 were confirmed with Salmonella. Victims of every state were part of the outbreak.

The public health investigation into the outbreak revealed that a hotel food-service worker who had a Salmonella infection had contaminated food during the food preparation process. According to TDH, “the food most commonly consumed by those who tested positive for Salmonellosis was salsa, which was made in the hotel. The salsa was prepared by the infected food worker on a daily basis.

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