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Chapter 11

Real Life Impacts of Salmonella Infection

What happens to people who have severe Salmonella infections or complications of Salmonella infection?

Because the illnesses caused by the ingestion of Salmonella bacteria range from mild to severe, the real life impacts of Salmonella infection vary from person to person.

While anyone can become ill with Salmonella infection, very young children, the elderly, and persons with compromised immune systems are most likely to develop severe illness.

Approximately 5% of patients infected with non-typhoidal Salmonella develop bacteremia—a condition where Salmonella bacteria enter the blood stream.

An unknown percentage of patients with Salmonella infections develop digestive disorders, including irritable bowel syndrome.Between 2 and15% of patients with Salmonella infections develop reactive arthritis, which can last for months or years, and can lead to chronic arthritis.[32]

Although most patients with Salmonella infections recover within a few months, some continue to experience complications for years.

A few families whose lives have been permanently altered by this devastating pathogen volunteered to share their stories.

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