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Beaches Sandy Bay Salmonella Outbreak

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Jamaican Ministry of Health (JMH) joined forces to investigate a Salmonella outbreak among visitors to a Jamaican resort – Beaches Sandy Bay – in January and February of 2005. The joint investigation began when guests of the resort returned home from vacation and reported their illnesses to healthcare providers and public health officials in their own states. At least 70 people from 12 states became ill with Salmonella infection during the outbreak.

The joint investigation by CDC and JMH revealed that two food products were the likely source of the Salmonella outbreak. Cheeseburgers and eggs served at the “beachside grill” were both associated with illness, and investigators found that the resort had stored pooled eggs and cheese in the same kitchen refrigerator and that cross-contamination between the two food items was likely.

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