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Brixx and Barley Salmonella Outbreak in Nassau County

On August 13, Marler Clark, the Food Saftey Law Firm, filed the first Salmonella lawsuit against Brixx & Barley in Nassau County Supreme Court on behalf of a young woman who became violently ill during her wedding after eating at Brixx & Barley days earlier. Marler Clark now represents sixteen victims in this outbreak.

Brixx and Barley, 152 W. Park Ave., “will not be allowed to reopen until the source of the Salmonella is identified,” Health Department spokeswoman Mary Ellen Laurain said Friday night. “That could take some time.”

Nassau County Department of Health is investigating a cluster of cases of salmonellosis associated with people who consumed food or drink at the restaurant Brixx and Barley, located at 152 West Park Ave in Long Beach, NY. Potential exposures to Salmonella at the restaurant could date back to early July. Nassau County Department of Health has closed Brixx and Barley while the investigation as to the source of Salmonella is investigated.

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