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Brook-Lea Salmonella Outbreak

In late June of 2002, residents of Monroe County began to fall ill with Salmonella infections. As their illnesses were confirmed by laboratory testing, hospitals and doctors began reporting the illnesses to the Monroe County Health Department. By June 22, the total number of confirmed cases had reached 17. According to the health department, the Salmonella cases were linked to multiple events at the Brook-Lea Country Club.

By June 24, the number of cases of salmonellosis linked to the Brook-Lea Country Club had risen from 17 to 53.

Over the next three weeks the number of Salmonella cases linked to Brook-Lea soared from 57 to well over 100. At least 95 of the cases were both culture-confirmed and linked epidemiologically to the consumption of food at Brook-Lea between June 1 and June 18.

There was a second, smaller outbreak of Salmonella illnesses at Brook-Lea, yielding six more cases, at the beginning of July. Four of the cases were Brook-Lea employees. Overall, there were now 106 confirmed cases of Salmonella food poisoning in people residing in Monroe County and the surrounding area. All of these cases were linked to the Brook-Lea Country Club.

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