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La Luz Mexican Grill Salmonella Outbreak

On August 28, the Larimer County Health Department announced 19 confirmed cases of Salmonella as part of an outbreak linked to La Luz Mexican Grill in Fort Collins, Colorado. Officials received the first complaint about the matter on August 17 and after further testing, La Luz voluntarily shut down on August 21.

Larimer County Health Department officials conducted a routine surprise inspection of the Old Town La Luz on Aug. 17, rating the kitchen as "fair" while citing a number of temperature violations and observing multiple flies in the kitchen. A follow-up inspection on Aug. 22 had determined that the location had corrected its violations.

The Old Town La Luz was cited as "unacceptable" in its previous routine surprise inspection in January 2017, when it was cited for temperature and cleanliness violations.

Officials are still investigating the exact cause of the outbreak.

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