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170 Sick from Salmonella-Tainted Chicken Livers

Food Safety News

by Mary Rothschild | Nov 10, 2011

Since February this year, kosher broiled chicken livers have sickened at least 170 people in five states with Salmonella Heidelberg, according to state and local health departments.


In connection with the outbreak, Schreiber Processing Corporation of Maspeth, NY announced a recall of its MealMart brand chicken livers on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services said it had identified 64 cases of Salmonella infection linked to the kosher broiled chicken livers from Schreiber, which does business as Alle Processing Corp./MealMart Co. New Jersey said most of those stricken in that state were in Ocean County.

The New York State Department of Health said 33 upstate outbreak cases had been reported, while the New York City Department of Health said it had identified 56 cases related to the outbreak. Maryland health officials have received reports of 9 cases and Pennsylvania has confirmed seven outbreak cases, CIDRAP News reported.

Minnesota was the fifth state with an outbreak case, according to the NYC health department.

At least 17 people have been hospitalized - 12 in New York City, and 5 in upstate New York.

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