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Firefly Patrons Sue After Salmonella Outbreak

KNPR Nevada Public Radio

By marie Andrusewicz | AIR DATE: May 14, 2013

GUEST: Bill Marler, attorney, Marler Clark Attorneys at Law

Firefly patrons who ate food contaminated with salmonella had to pay for their meals twice – once when the bill arrived and of course later, when they became seriously ill.

So what’s that worth in damages?

“What people are entitled to is their medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering for what they had to go through,” says Seattle-based attorney Bill Marler, who is representing some of those diners.

“I’ve settled or tried almost 10,000 salmonella cases so I have a pretty good idea what the market is for those cases,” says Marler. “Most of them are in the $10-20,000 range. They go up based on the severity of the illness.”

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