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Kershaw County Coroner confirms death related to salmonella poisoning

(Camden) May 25, 2005 - According to the Kershaw County Coroner Johnny Fellers, 58-year-old James Arledge died from cardiac arrhythmia due to sepsis, an infection in the blood stream, caused by salmonella poisoning.

Alredge ate at the Old South restaurant in Camden last Thursday evening.

Many of the people who showed symptoms ate at the Old South restaurant in Camden over the weekend.While many are recovering from the symptoms, several people remain hospitalized.

The number of people in Camden with food poisoning symptoms has climbed to over 150. The restaurant, believed to be the source of the outbreak, decided to shut down on Tuesday. Missy Reeves with the Department of Health and Environmental Services says it was Old South's call to close its doors, but loyal regulars still consider the place a safe place to eat.

The DHEC is actually investigating several restaurants, but their main focus is reportedly on the Old South restaurant. The establishment serves food buffet style and does have take out.

DHEC has set up several phone numbers for people to call for information or if they're feeling symptoms: 803-432-7311, 803-432-7312 , 803-432-7139, 803-432-7140

Salmonella causes severe stomach and intestinal problems.

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