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Nearly 50 salmonella cases now linked to peanut butter in N.Y.


March 8, 2007

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. -- State health officials say the number of salmonella cases tied to tainted peanut butter in New York has risen to 48. That's more than ten percent of the 425 cases reported nationwide.

Although jars of Peter Pan and Great Value peanut butter were removed from store shelves three weeks ago, the number of salmonella cases has continued to go up.

Eight cases linked to peanut butter now have been confirmed in Monroe County, which includes the city of Rochester. That's the highest in the state.

But a local health department spokesman says there haven't been any new cases. He says more detailed D-N-A testing has helped to confirm the peanut butter link in previously known cases.

According to the state Department of Health, 20 of New York's 62 counties now have at least one salmonella case tied to peanut butter.

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