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Number of salmonella cases in Pa. rises to 210

Christopher Snowbeck, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

July 23, 2004

The number of Pennsylvanians sickened in a regional salmonella outbreak increased to 210 today, the state Department of Health reported.

Maryland and Ohio officials were reporting a combined 49 cases of salmonella among people who recently ate at Sheetz convenience stores, the chain where people in Pennsylvania were exposed to salmonella through food.

A West Virginia epidemiologist did not have an updated total on cases in that state. In Virginia, officials are looking at five cases that might be connected to Sheetz.

Health officials suspect tomatoes or lettuce served at Sheetz were contaminated prior to their arrival at the stores, but it's not clear how.

People sickened in the outbreak ate at Sheetz during the first 10 days or so of July. But now it appears that some who were sick ate at Sheetz in late June, as well, said Richard McGarvey, spokesman for the state health department.

The state Department of Agriculture announced today that it is currently testing seven food samples for clues about the contamination source - two more samples than had been collected yesterday. But results aren't expected until Monday.


Christopher Snowbeck can be reached at csnowbeck@post-gazette.com or 412 263-2625.

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