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Salmonella Lawsuit Filed In Oregon

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by Suzanne Schreck | May 21, 2010

A Salmonella lawsuit was filed against Los Dos Amigos restaurant in Roseburg, Oregon, Wednesday.

salmonella-sidebar.jpgAccording to the complaint filed in Douglas County Circuit Court, Roseburg resident Melissa Surmon became ill after eating take-out food from Los Dos Amigos restaurant on April 9 and was hospitalized for four days with a Salmonella infection. The lawsuit alleges that food products sold by Los Dos Amigos restaurant "were unfit for human consumption, and were not reasonably safe" and were manufactured "in violation of applicable food and safety regulations."

At least 30 people became ill with Salmonellosis--the illness caused by the ingestion of Salmonella bacteria--after eating food purchased from Los Dos Amigos Mexican restaurant between April 9 and April 17, 2010. Douglas County Public Health Department investigators believe the Salmonella outbreak was caused by cross-contamination, but the final outbreak report has not yet been released.

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