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State health officials caution consumers to throw out Banquet pot pies following recall

Statesman Journal

October 9, 2007

State health officials caution consumers to throw out Banquet pot pies following recall Banquet brand frozen pot pies are being recalled following a multi- state outbreak of salmonellosis, state public health officials said today.

More than 130 cases in 30 states have been linked by DNA evidence, officials said. At least 20 people were hospitalized.

Since May, at least two confirmed cases connected to the recall have been reported to Oregon health officials, said William Keene, a state epidemiologist with the Oregon Public Health Division.

Both were adults.

The cases were reported in Benton and Douglas counties, Keene said.

The recalled items have code numbers beginning with “5009” or have “P9” in its code. Consumers should throw out any recall items.

Anyone who has eaten the pot pies but has not become ill should not take any special action, Keene said. Those who have had severe diarrhea or diarrhea with a fever should tell their doctor if they have consumed pot pies within a week of becoming sick, he said.

The pot pies are produced by ConAgra, which has suspended production on its Banquet brand. Other private-labels offered by stores in the same production lot are being held.

Janet Orlob, office manager with Roth’s, said Banquet pot pies are being stored are being stored in a back freezer until further notice, Orlob said.

“We’ve pulled it from the shelves until we hear clarification,” Orlob said.

About two dozen items in each store were pulled, Orlob said. Roth’s has six stores in the Salem-Keizer area.

Keene said state public health officials determined that outbreaks in individual states were accumulating for months.

Officials have not determined the source of contamination at the ConAgra facility.

Even though salmonella infections can be prevented by thorough cooking, the bacteria can survive undercooking or uneven cooking such as from microwaves, Keene said.

“I wouldn’t want to take that chance; I’d just throw it out,” Keene said.

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